Bug Report


The Bug Report screen is used to gather information regarding any problems you experience with the app so it can be sent to the developer for analysis.

Simply fill out the form, select which files (if any) you want to include in the report, and send it off.

The app generates a debug log to generate useful information about known issues. This generated log is automatically included in the bug report.

In addition, if the app crashes an automated report is generated and sent. This helps in quickly identifying and fixing common issues.

System Information

This section shows general information obtained from your device that is useful for identifying phone or platform version specific issues.

This includes the current app version, current iOS version, and phone model.

Email Address

If you want, you can include your email address with the report so I can follow up with you on the status of the issue.

This way I can let you know if I need more information or if I've reproduced the problem and when you can expect to see it fixed.

This value will be saved so you don't have to re-enter your email if you submit another bug report.

I value and respect your privacy - If you include your email, it will not be used for any other purpose or shared with anyone else.


This is possibly the most important part of the bug report. Here you describe what the issue you're having is and what you do to reproduce it.

While I realize typing on a mobile device is not exactly ideal, the more information you provide here the easier it will be to reproduce your problem.

For example, "It crashed" is not really useful information.


To help in debugging you can attach extra files to the bug report.

My Treks

Select this to include your My Treks data in the bug report.

This will be helpful if your issue is related to the My Treks feature.

Saved Queries

Select this to include a copy of your saved queries data.

This will be helpful if your issue is related to the saved queries part of the Trek Planner.

Saved Directions

Select this to include a copy of your saved directions data.

This will be helpful if your issue is related to the saved directions part of the Trek Planner.

Submit Bug Report

Once you have filled out the appropriate details and selected the attachments to include, hit the Submit Bug Report button.

The app will take a second to upload the information then exit the screen.

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