Quick Treks


This screen provides you with a list of the closest stops to you based on your device's current location so you can quickly get predictions for nearby stops.


When you first open this screen the app begins trying to find your current location.

The top of the page indicates when the app is trying to obtain a location.

When a fix is obtained, the status will show the address geo-coded from the device's location and how accurate the fix is. The app will also then start searching for stops near that location.

Any stops that are found are presented to you in a simple list form, like the list in My Treks, sorted by distance to you.

The list will be refreshed if a more accurate location is obtained (GPS vs Network for example) or if you move far enough to warrant a new search.

The top line shows you which transit system the stop is for, as there might be multiple bus stops or train stations in your area, and the approximate distance to you.

Note that this distance will probably never be exact as the stop locations and a phone's GPS are not always 100% accurate.

The next line show's the stop's identifying name followed by an abbreviated list of directions the routes that serve this stop travel in. If all routes travel "South", then only one "S" will be shown.

The last line shows a list of all routes that are known to serve that stop and the direction that they travel in, so you can choose which stop to get predictions for based on which route you want to take and in which direction.

Once you've located one or more stops you're interested in, just tap those entries to load route Predictions for all routes at those stops.

Navigation Bar


Opens the Map screen and displays the current list of stops.


Opens this help page.