My Treks


My Treks provides quick access to your favorite stops, which you can group and organize with named labels (like "Work" or "Home").


When you first start the app, there are no labels available and you see a message on how to get started adding labels. You can add one at this point to get started or hit the Labels toolbar button to create multiple labels at once.

When you have created more than one label, use the navigation bar button to switch to a different label to view the Treks for that label.

If there are no Treks saved with the currently selected label, you see a message allowing you to track a new stop via the Trek Tracker screen.

Otherwise, click on any Trek to start loading Predictions and click it a second time to close it.

Swipe left or right to quickly switch between different labels.



Opens up the Trek Tracker screen to get predictions by selecting a route, direction, and stop.


Allows you to edit the group of Treks in the currently selected label. When in edit mode you can delete the Trek from the current label (if the Trek has more labels, those will not be effected) or re-arrange the order of the Treks within the label.

Clicking on a Trek in Edit mode presents an action sheet with the following options:


This will completely delete the Trek, removing all labels from it so it will no longer appear anywhere in My Treks.


Allows you to set a custom name for the Trek.

Edit Labels

Allows you to update which labels are applied to the Trek, changing where it appears within My Treks.


Opens the Labels screen where you can add, delete, rename, and reorder your labels.


Opens this help page.