This is the app's start screen and provides access to the other parts of the app.

Search Bar

The search bar at the top of the screen allows you to quickly track predictions at a stop by entering its ID. If a stop is found with the given ID, the app moves to the Trek Tracker screen to show predictions at the stop and allow you to save it.

Main App Features

My Treks

Opens the My Treks screen where you can quickly track and manage saved stops.

Trek Tracker

Opens the Trek Tracker screen where you can track a new stop by route and direction.

Quick Treks

Opens the Quick Treks screen where you can locate and track nearby stops.

Trek Planner

Opens the Trek Planner screen where you can get directions via public transit and save frequently used queries and directions for offline use.



Opens the Trek Support screen where you can get extended help with the app.


Opens the Settings screen where you adjust app settings to customize the app to your liking.


Opens the About screen where you can get more information about the app.


Opens this help page.