Trek Planner Results


This screen is very simple and straightforward.

At the top you see points "A" and "B" that were used to generate the directions.

Note that if you did a search on a point of interest or did not provide enough information, this may not be the exact location you were looking for. In this case, back out and try the search again.

Below points "A" and "B" you see a summarized list of possible trip options for your given query.

Each entry shows the approximate time the trip takes and an overview of modes of transport required to get from A to B. To save space, short walks are omitted from the summary screen (but shown on the detail page when you click an option).

Click one of the options to view the Directions page with complete, step by step instructions for that option, including all walking directions.

On the details screen, you also have the option to save those directions for off-line use later.

Navigation Bar

Save / Delete

For a new query, you will see "Save" to allow you to save the query for re-use at a later time from the Saved Queries tab in the Trek Planner.

For an existing query, you will see a Delete icon to allow you to delete the saved query from you list of saved queries.


Opens this help page.