Trek Tracker


This screen allows you to get predictions for a given transit system by selecting a route and either a direction and stop or starting stop and destination stop.

Transit System

Select this drop down to pick the transit system you're interested in. By default it will be set to your last selection, since most people use the same system frequently.

Once you've selected the transit system, the list of available routes for that system will load.


Select this drop down to pick the route you're interested in.

Once you've selected the route, either the directions the selected route travels in will load, or the list of available stops, depending on the transit system.


If available, select this drop down to pick the direction of travel for the currently selected route.

Once you've selected a direction of travel, the list of stops available for the route along that direction will load.

From Stop

Select this drop down to pick the stop you want to get predictions at.

Once you've selected the stop you're interested in, predictions begin to load.

To Stop (Optional)

Select this drop down to pick the stop you plan to get off at. If you select this option you can get an estimated time of travel from the starting stop to the destination stop.

Track All Routes At Starting Stop

If the selected Transit System supports this feature, you can check this option to get predictions for all routes that stop at the starting stop.

Note that since not all routes that start at the starting stop will also stop at the destination stop, you will not get an estimated trip time when you're riding a different route.


Once you've selected a route, and direction and / or starting stop, the current set of predictions loads at the bottom of the screen.

See the Predictions page for help on reading the prediction display.

Navigation Bar

Save / Edit

If you don't have the currently selected Trek saved already this will read "Save". If you do have it saved already, it will read "Edit".

Selecting this option opens the Labels screen in Selection Mode to allow you to save the Trek by applying one or more labels to it.

Once you save the Trek you can view it in My Treks.


Opens this help page.