A Label is a unique identifier you can apply to multiple Treks. This allows you to categorize your saved Treks based on what you use them for.

For example, you can create a label for all Treks used to get to and from work, or to and from school.

If you use the same Trek for multiple purposes, you can apply multiple labels to it.

This simplifies your full list of Treks and makes it easier to get find the ones you need depending on where you're going.


The Labels screen actually has two modes depending on how you access it.

From the My Treks screen you can access the Labels screen in Management mode.

From other parts of the app, when choosing labels to apply to a Trek, you access the screen in Selection mode.

Management Mode

In this mode you can reorganize your existing labels.


Delete labels by selecting the standard Delete icon to left of a label. Deleting a label removes it from any Treks that have it applied. Any Treks that have only that label will be deleted, so be careful.


Rearrange labels by dragging and dropping the standard "grip" icon on the right of a label.


Rename a label by clicking on it to bring up a text editing dialog and confirming the new name.


The '+' icon on the navigation bar allows you to add a new label at the end of the list.


The Help navigation bar button opens this help page.

Selection Mode

In this mode you can update the labels applied to a given Trek.

If you don't have any labels, you're shown some information to get you started.

If you have labels but are saving a Trek for the first time, you're shown some information to help you save your first Trek.

Click on each label to check or uncheck the ones you want applied to the given Trek, then hit Save to confirm the changes.

Navigation Bar


Cancels the changes you've made and closes the dialog without updating the selected Trek's labels.


The '+' icon on the navigation bar allows you to add a new label at the end of the list. It will be automatically selected for the current Trek.


Saves the changes you've made, either saving the selected Trek with one or more labels you've chosen or deletes it if you've unchecked all labels.


Opens this help page.